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Naked Nosh provides delicious, natural food that delvers on flavour and presentation.










We believe that  Exceptional food comes from the finest ingredients, knowledge and passion.  Whether it's pizza for a children's party, an intimate dinner or canapes and cocktails, the principles are always the same.


South West London catering at its best.

My chefing career stated when I was four years old and I made gnocchi with my mum in Italy on a massive wooden board.  My earliest memories have always been about food: fish on the barbeque straight from the sea, eating an egg fresh from its shell, diving for sea urchins off the sea floor. 

By the age of fourteen I was part of the family business.  I washed pots in my father’s busy restaurant in Capri and watched the food being prepared and served. I definitely got the passion for food from my time watching him.

When we moved to England, I worked in my mum’s delicatessen and I learnt the importance of good ingredients.  Back then mozzarella and parmesan were rare foreign delicacies!  My father also ran a successful Italian restaurant so there was no escaping good food or demanding customers!  I learnt the intricacies of proper Italian classics like tiramisu, oven fired pizza and fresh pasta. Eventually I branched out to expand my knowledge of other cuisines and chef environments.  

My family and I have travelled extensively throughout Asian and I love Asian food.  Its clean, diverse taste and exquisite presentation is something I experiment with a lot at home and for clients.

Tsukiji Fish Market Japan

Probably the best job I did outside of the family business was for Absolute Taste.  Here, I worked with talented chefs, expanding my knowledge into high-end event catering, fine cuisine and catering for the needs of the Private Jet world of clients.  One of my highlights with them was cooking with a team  of Gordon Ramsay's chefs for 600 people at the Beckham’s World Cup party and the next day getting on a plane to Monaco to work at the Grand Prix. 


For the next four years I ran my own take-away restaurant, Naked Nosh, selling authentic Italian inspired food for catering events and individual customers all over London. At the same time I started providing local schools with nutritious restaurant-quality meals for their staff and pupils.Now we've relocated, launching Naked Nosh Events.  I am building on the impeccable reputation for flavour, authenticity and passion to deliver a range of dining experiences such as supper clubs, canape events, barbeques and casual dinners all delivered to your door or cooked on site.Each part of my puzzle has made me the chef  I am today, whether it is the shores of Capri, the city heights of Hong Kong, the school kitchens in Fulham or the corporate events in food comes from the soul.

Char Siu Buns in Hong Kong
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