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School Nosh

You wouldn't think fine dining and school dinners go hand in hand but its just a case of knowing your audience! Our kitchens in Fulham, London currently serve three local schools with home-style cooking within budget.  


Naked Nosh uses the sample principles of good ingredients, long cooking times to infuse flavour and colourful presentation for its little diners. Who would guess that our Bolognese is slow cooked for five hours the traditional way or that our chicken drumsticks are from free roaming Norfolk Black chickens?  

We believe that children deserve a wide range and depth of flavours, ensuring a good balance of appeal and nutritional value. Coloured vegetables (sometimes hidden in our sauces), slow release carbohydrates and brain-fuelling protein are balanced in our dishes to keep their energy sustained throughout the school day.  

Of course there are sweet treats, its part of life but where we can, we adhere to healthier guidelines. 

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